irobot roomba 980

iRobot Roomba 980

irobot roomba 980 Reviews : Smart Features Available is Are you looking for Roomba 980 iRobot reviews? For some people, using a vacuum cleaner to clean the house seems out of date. Yes, because there has been a more modern and sophisticated product, known as the robot vacuum. The function is just the same. It is to clean and remove dirt even if it is really tiny like dust and bacteria. However, a robot vacuum has smaller size as well as it is more lightweight.

One of the products is coming from iRobot Roomba. It is iRobot Roomba 980 Review .The series is known as the featured and most recommended products for some reasons. Of course, mostly, people like it because of its performance. Here are features available in iRobot Roomba 980 reviews. Check them out.

iRobot Roomba 980

More Details

irobot roomba 980

A More Powerful Sucker

Roomba confidently brings a new feature to this product. The feature is namely Power Lifting Suction with a 10-time faster air power. Therefore, the process of picking up dirt and dust can be done much faster and more effectively. It is good for coarse surfaces like rocky floors or rugs. In other words, iRobot 980 can be used anywhere.

A Smarter Navigation System

For the navigation system, Roomba applies iAdapt 2.0 Navigation. It has vSLAM technology so that the process of mapping the surrounding is more accurately. This feature is actually not new for iRobot Roomba. Some other previous series have used it including Roomba 890 and iRobot Roomba 960.

Premium Cleaning Ability

Some robot vacuum products are stuck only in some abilities. For example, the range of dirt size to clean is limited. Interestingly, Roomba 980 is greater than them. It is proven by its ability to clean dirt whether it is extremely small or the big one. It helps you to remove pet fur more easily and practically. More than that, it also gets rid of allergies caused by pets like cats and dogs.

A Scheduler

This series of Rumba Vacuum has one more unique feature namely the scheduler. In general, the scheduler enables the vacuum to connect and schedule from anywhere using your Smartphone. Of course, before operating it, you must use Alexa or Google Assistant first. Then, install also the app of iRobot Rumba that is available in Apple App Store or Google PlaySTore. This way, even if you are far from home, you can control it as well as cleaning it with this product. For further problems, make sure to contact roomba 980 reviews consumer reports.

iRobot Roomba 980 vs. 985: Which one is better?

iRobot Roomba 980 vs. 985, who will win the competition? Currently, there is a modern way to clean your house. Although a vacuum cleaner is good enough, your work seems to be easier with a cleaning robot from iRobot Roomba. Below, you will learn more about compare Roomba 980 vs. 985. So, check them out.

Review Roomba 980

iRobot Vacuum Roomba 980 is indeed highly recommended in many reviews. Moreover, it is when talking about performance. It has an ability to suck dirt and dust faster with a speed made form 10 times of the air power. Based on the review of Roomba 980 vs. 985 at Costco, it is known also that the product is greater for some features including a smarter navigation system provided by the Patented iAdapt 2.0 with vSLAM technology. Meanwhile, it is good if you have pets at home mainly cats and dogs.

It also features Dual Multi Rubber Brushes that can adjust and flex when it touches carpet and floor. It just minimizes damages on home fabrics. The product can be operated easily as it is compatible with gadgets like a Smartphone. Make sure to connect it mainly if your iOS or Android is 11 or 5 series or above respectively.

iRobot Roomba 985

Next, there is Roomba 985 review. The robot vacuum is designed to clean all types of flood. Besides, it is compatible with a home with pets mainly the furry ones like cats or dogs. It works very well with its map and navigation system. For the power, it is just the same as the 980 series. It futures a 10 times air blow when cleaning the floor.

How is it if the product is suddenly stopped when your work has not been done yet? Well, it can be that power has been used up. You should not worry. You can recharge this roomba 985 Costco and then continue your work. Of course, all of them can be set up automatically.

But undeniably, there are some Roomba 985 problems. The most visible one is about the design that is not really compact. Besides, it is too heavy for a robot vacuum that should be lightweight and more practical than the conventional vacuum cleaner.


So far, Roomba 980 is still better, at least, it is more lightweight and practical to carry everywhere. What are you waiting for? You can buy this series and get iRobot Roomba best price.

The Review of iRobot Roomba 980 at Costco

iRobot 980 Costco is one of the recommended products to clean your house. iRobot products are indeed highly demanded currently. Mostly, people just love it because of its compact design, practicality, and performance. Compared to a conventional vacuum cleaner, a robot vacuum can work even 10 times better mainly in sucking dirt and dust. So, are you interested in buying it whether Roomba 980 Costco Canada or Roomba 980 Costco UK? You can read the following review.


There are some improvements in iRobot 980. First of all, it is in terms of ability in sucking dust, it works well with the feature of Power Lifting Suction with 10x of air power. This way, you can clean the room faster and much cleaner. Second, for navigation, the newest series from iRobot Roomba has a patented iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology. What is it for? It is to map around more accurately. Even a very small object can be scanned more easily with Roomba 980 Costco US.

Do you have pets at home? That’s good; it means that this product is really suitable for you; iRobot 980 is compatible with a home with furry pets like cats and dogs. Aside from removing fur, iRobot 980 Costco Canada also features a premium 3-Stage Cleaning System to clean the dirt completely even allergens.

Next, there are Dual Multi Surface Rubber Brushes that can be simply adjusted and flexed for instant contact with certain coarse surfaces. Of course, carpet and rugs can also work with it. Interestingly, the robot vacuum is really energy saver and environmentally friendly. It is related to the material used and how it works.

Pros and Cons

iRobot 980 has a very simple and compact design. It is just necessary for you who don’t want to spend too much space just for this tool. Besides, it is lightweight and practical. You can bring it everywhere to clean places like cars and others. Roomba 980 at Costco also works better compared to similar products. It is mainly about sucking dirt and making the environment as clean as possible. Well, you can try it by comparing Roomba 980 vs. Costco 985.

For the cons, sometimes, the product is suddenly stopped when it is used. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, it is definitely not comfortable. You need to fix it for a while before continuing your work. So, are you interested in buying iRobot Romba 980 at Costco?

Roomba 980 vs. i7 for a Cleaner and More Hygienic Home Living

Roomba 980 vs. i7, which is the best between them? The performance of iRobot Roomba series should not be questioned anymore. Yes, this brand is known as one of the leaders of robot vacuum with high technology. One of the most popular series from iRobot Roomba is Roomba 989. There are even so many customers who look for iRobot Roomba 980 best price. But is it true that the product is that good? Besides, how is it about the i7 series? Is it better than 980 or not? Here are the explanations.

Roomba 980

There are so many articles that compare this series with others from Roomba. For example, you may often see titles like Roomba 960 vs. 980 vs. i7 or Roomba 980 vs. Roomba i7. It is reasonable. The product has featured a better sucker that can work up to 10 times better than others. So, in terms of performance, this product is indeed better.

The navigation system is also really great. It features vSLAM technology to scan surrounding and acknowledge spots and placements. This way, the dirt can be cleaned without damaging other tools, properties, and electronic devices. The product is good for homes with pets. It removes fur as well as allergens that can cause health problems.

Roomba i7

Interestingly, Roomba i7 has some similar features to the 980 series. Its Power Lifting Suction delivers around 10 times air power for performance enhancement. So, in this matter, Roomba i7 vs 980 comparison is just fair.

The intelligent mapping and navigation are also applied here. It still has the iAdapt feature but with a higher technology in which Roomba i7 has the 3rd series. Based on this fact, it is clearly seen that this one is better than 980 Roomba.

Roomba i7 review Reddit also stated that this product is good for homes with furry pets like cats and dogs. It cleans the floor, rugs, and other surfaces completely without remaining tiny dirt including bacteria and allergens. This product is even claimed to be perfect to remove around 99% allergens from dogs.
Roomba 980 or Roomba i7

It is clear enough which one the winner is although the winning indicator is actually not really significant. Yes, it is only about the mapping technology system of i7 that is more modern anyway. But sure, both are worthy to buy. The 980 series is even good if you want to have one with a cheaper price. You can get the iRobot Roomba 980 best price anyway.


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